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Card of the Day • 15 Jan 2019

Card of the Day

Herbal Ally

Image : Lunar Nomad Oracle

Image : Lunar Nomad Oracle

Ponder this ...
• What act of generosity can I engage in today ?
• Am I being receptive and grateful to what I'm being given ?
• How can I elevate the mood and brighten the day and space for one or more others and/or myself ?
• When is the last time I gave something to somoene without reason or expectation of something in return ?

Generosity is the best investment. ~ Diane von Furstenberg

Elevate the mood, raise the vibration of a space, brighten the day by engaging in the act of generosity and gift giving.

Pay for the coffee of the person behind you in line, send a surprise bouquet of flowers, be spontaneous and take off early from work to treat yourself to a massage, offer a smile to the person that seems as if the weight of the world is bearing down on them and it’s written all over their face, get some flowers on the way in to work for your desk or on the way home to brighten up the place, sit in attentive stillness and listen to the person who needs to be heard.

Whatever form it takes, it is important that we are both generous in our giving and completely open, welcoming and grateful in our receiving.

It is important that whoever is offering and whatever is being offered that we welcome with a smile, a thank you, and without any self-deprecation or remarks about how we don’t deserve it. Elevate the joy of the other person that giving brings by participating in the process rather than trying to shut it down.

Where there is opportunity to make someone else’s day brighter or just to make ourselves feel a bit less stressed and overwhelmed, a bit lighter, perhaps pampered or at least worthy of being taken care of rather than always doing the caring, create a space, set aside time and make an effort to do so.

Importantly, we must do so with love and without expectation, not needing acknowledgement or a thank you or anything other than to feel the joy and opening of our hearts when we do something good, nice, generous, benevolent for another.

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