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Find, or be, the eye of the storm ... Let’s not be overreactive in the moment, but be prepared to be proactive ...

Card of the Day • 1 Feb 2019

Card of the Day

Herbal Ally

Image : Sirian Starseed Tarot

Ponder this ...
• How can I step back and away from reactivity ?
• What has become poisonous, toxic, unhealthy for me that I need to release once and for all ?
• How can I nurture and nourish my future goals, my future self ?
• What calls me to leave the rest of the world behind and just immerse myself in its creative flow ?

Like the Nile, what begins in minuteness ends in magnificence. ~ Charles Caleb Colton

While it may feel that everything is pressing back against us, and any little spark, comment or action can easily and quickly cause us to fall into reactivity, to go off, to blow up … we are being asked to remain so keenly aware and so fully in a state of consciousness and conscientiousness that we can hold our tongue, step away, and breathe our back into the calmer, more compassionate flow of life.

Know that it will blow over, that it isn’t worth the energy, the fight, the reaction, which will only make it lingeringly worse rather than something that can be a momentary blip.

There is a strong and great need for stillness, alone time, to lose ourselves in our own world away from everyone and everything else.

Make it a point this week-end to spend ample amounts of time immersed in what refreshes you, soothes you, allows the rest of the world to just evaporate as you get lost in the flow of creativity and imagination. This is an important theme of this coming Monday’s New Moon in Aquarius that we’ll want to focus on over the next couple of weeks.

It is also important to use this moment in time to identify whoever or whatever poisons the well or has become toxic We need to separate and divorce ourselves from these people, situations, environments once and for all. Otherwise, we are going to see the toxicity begin to take its toll on us emotionally, mentally, and physically.

As uncomfortable as it may be, we’re going through a Big Bang sort of period … things are changing or going to change, shifting, evolving in dramatic, surprising and unexpected ways.

Let’s nurture and nourish this embryo of the future rather than fearing it or holding on to or staying to long in what represents the past.

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