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Find, or be, the eye of the storm ... Let’s not be overreactive in the moment, but be prepared to be proactive ...

Card of the Day • 3 Jan 2019

Card of the Day
29 UMBRELLA Reversed

Herbal Ally

Image : Lunar Nomad Oracle

Image : Lunar Nomad Oracle

Ponder this ...
• Am I so caught up in the vision or plan that I'm ignoring the details of how to make it a reality ?
• What steps, plans, actions items, timelines need to be laid out in order to manifest my vision ?
• How can I use the rules to my advantage rather than seeing them as an impediment ?
• What's bringing me down to earth in terms fo what can and can't be done ?

Create a vision for the life you really want and then work relentlessly towards making it a reality. ~ Roy T. Bennett

Time to come back down to earth with all of our grand visions and optimistic plans (and new year resolutions).

That doesn’t mean giving up on them.

It merely means that now we engage the process of plausible and tangible steps to go about making them a reality.

Success and manifestation are not built solely on idealism and passion – even though they can be the exact things that fuel the wherewithal and perseverance and forbearance needed to see those goals and ambitions to completion.

Let’s start plucking the various components out of the vision in order to create an outline, a timetable, a working plan that lays things out in a way that is manageable.

Rules, regulations and limitations do have their place, and it’s important to learn how to work with those (even if they can be bent in some ways here and there) rather than flouting them just to prove what a rebel we are and show off to the rest of the world to satisfy our ego’s need for applause.

It’s time for the real work to begin and to not fall for the fantasy that it will come or happen just because we ask or wish for it.

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