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Find, or be, the eye of the storm ... Let’s not be overreactive in the moment, but be prepared to be proactive ...

Card of the Day • 3 March 2019

Card of the Day

Herbal Ally

Image : Queer Tarot

Image : Queer Tarot

Ponder this ...
• How can I enjoy life more ?
• Can I stop seeking and just have faith ?
• How can I be more fully present in all I connect ?
• How can I embody a state of prayerfulness in all ways and at all times ?

Your whole life becomes a prayer without any words, or better to say a prayerfulness, a grace, a beauty which does not belong to our mundane world ... Then you live as truth, whatever you are doing is being done by truth – you are walking truth; you are sleeping, it is truth resting; you are speaking, it is truth speaking; you are silent, it is truth that is silent.  ~ Osho

We can get so lost in the seeking that we forget how to just Be, become disconnected from making a Joyful noise in ourselves and in life.

Things will unfold and reveal themselves in time. Let’s stop trying so hard to find the answers, to know what’s next, to come up with an action plan.

We so often think of things like prayer as a means for asking for things, be it guidance, material things, answers.

But we forget what it means to be prayerful, to live our lives and simply be in a state of Prayer, Grace, Beauty, Gratitude, Openness, Reverence, Stillness at all times.

We are being asked to come back to embodying and living such States of Being. Not for any purpose or to achieve any goal or to fulfil a request or a desire or a wish.

Be in fully Present Connection with all that is around you today … people, plants, places, energies, other realms.

Engage that which brings you joy and allows you to  ose yourself to it as it takes you into a  igher state of existence and experience … music, poetry, dancing, creating art, walking in the woods, standing in the rain, meditation, whatever it is that sings to your Soul, raises your Vibration and elevates your Being.

Enjoy Life by living life in Joy.

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