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Find, or be, the eye of the storm ... Let’s not be overreactive in the moment, but be prepared to be proactive ...

Card of the Day • 4 April 2019

Card of the Day
SHIP Reversed

Herbal Ally

Image : Lunar Nomad Oracle

Image : Lunar Nomad Oracle

Ponder this ...
• Am I getting ahead of myself ?
• Is everyone and everything on board for long term success rather than short term reward ?
• Have I completed, closed, severed everything from the past that could get in the way of my future ?
• Have I released the fear of jumping into a new adventure ?

Never do today what you can do tomorrow. Something may occur to make you regret your premature action. ~ Aaron Burr

There’s a restless energy that has us chomping at the bit to get going, to get moving, to get started.

We may be feeling energised and excited about new projects, new directions, new plans, new relationships, new possibilities and opportunities.

But let’s keep that in check for just a moment longer. Make sure all the i’s are dotted and the t’s crossed, especially on things that relate to what came before. We need to make sure there is nothing that is going to pull us backward or slow us down, whether it’s finishing up necessary tasks, working through and releasing once and for all a bad habit or an old way of thinking or doing things, or severing ties with people, places or things that are no longer healthy for us or conducive to and supportive of where we see ourselves headed in the future.

If we take the literal image of this card, a Ship, then the reversal indicates that this is merely the time we need to spend making sure that all the luggage and necessary provisions for the upcoming journey are loaded on board. Setting sail prematurely could be disastrous should we find ourselves part way through the journey in the middle of the ocean running out of food or clothes or medication.

So let’s not jump the gun trying to cut corners or skip steps that may feel tedious or superfluous, but could be that crucial difference down the line between success and failure.

Adventure awaits and is fast approaching for us to say yes to and jump on board … just wait a couple of days, and it will not only be clear, but we will be fully ready.

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