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Pay attention to those things that seem to be coming round full circle signalling that it’s time for endings and new beginnings …

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Card of the Day • 31 Jan 2019

The stage is set, the combustion point is at maximum spark … it’s now up to us to toss the match in order to own the night, the day, our selves, our lives, our future, our destiny and set our vision for who, where and what we become next ablaze …

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Card of the Day • 9 Jan 2019

Does a closed fist attract abundance ?

Today we are asked to look at how we may be blocking our own abundance by not be willing to open ourselves to receive what the Universe has to offer simply because it doesn’t fit our idea of what it should look like, or the timing we think it should have.

Let’s step beyond our own ego-driven, selfish perspective in order to open and embrace all the options, respect and acknowledge all the different pathways that others may follow rather than just wanting to recognise and be with the like-minded, the same, lost in a sea of homogeneity that lacks surprise and creates a very bland experience of this life.

In order to make progress, to effect change (in ourselves, our lives, our world), or to accomplish the goals and plans and visions that we’ve set before us, it is necessary that we be willing to reach out and ask for help, support, guidance, assistance.

Once we realise that we can’t do it alone, and that we needn’t go it alone, obstacles and challenges will dissipate.

But it will require us to unclench our fist that holds on so tightly to fear, shame, guilt, blame, anger in order to find a way through, reach a compromise, come to an understanding that allows for forgiveness, and opens us up to being more empathetic, compassionate and realising that we’re in this thing we call the life, the human experience, together.

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